Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Spanish business schools for years have been emphasizing in international academic rankings but also are taking over the Net According to a study from CSIC, three centers of our country have been placed this year among the ten most visible in the world.

We are accustomed to the IESE, ESADE Business School and repeated year after year in the header position classifications that measure academic excellence of its MBA programs. Each year there are new rankings of Anglo-Saxon literature, and even Latin America that place year after year among the top business schools in the world. Even some other management centers made in Spain, as EADA, ESIC and ESCP_Europe been placed in some of these prestigious lists. To make matters worse, the Higher Council for Scientific Research of Spain (CSIC) has spent two years developing a global comparative positioning of these centers for training in Internet and Spanish institutions to take notes become bright. In 2009, three have been placed among the top ten business schools portals around the world with greater visibility on the Web

IE Business School has placed its web in the latest biannual report of CSIC as the seventh best positioned in the world. The ranking is led by Isidro Aguillo, is divided into four sections: size, visibility, file and scholar. The Business School is also located among the ten best in the world perhaps the most representative category positioning on the visibility, which measures the number of references to the school website on other pages, ie external links non-payment, also repeated successes IE Business School in the size category, or whatever it is, the number of pages recovered from the four other largest Network: Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Exalead.

"It is virtually a referendum highlights Aguillo Isidro, the coordinator of the CSIC-rating in a survey because it polls to use tens or hundreds of people. But in this classification are measured, for example, external links to other web pages make schools that are hundreds of thousands. So their results are very representative. " Although not measured only the number of links, but also the quality of the website that does this reference, its popularity, its age.
IESE is also situated in January from 20 top-ranked portals and July has remained in 24th place and Esade also appears among the 40 best in the world.

But in the classification of the CSIC have managed to position, in addition, some schools more modest than its idiosyncrasies rarely have the opportunity to excel in traditional academic comparative Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes, Business Week and American Economy .

Pleasant surprises
The portal of the Center for Financial Studies (CEF) appeared in January this year as the business school website with better visibility of the world, ahead of the most mythical of the United States, including Harvard, Stanford or MIT, in the Update last July a leading retained sixth place, behind only three North American centers, one Dutch and one Polish.

In the same vein, the European Business School is one of the centers are not common in international academic rankings, he has done a successful job on the Web The institution, born in Madrid and Salamanca, and then opened up new campus in Oviedo , Valladolid, Murcia and Bolivia, was in the first classification of the CSIC of this year as the tenth site with better visibility in the world.

The CSIC is proposed in this paper enhance the quality content produced in Spain are accessible on the Web "Our goal is to have content specifically Spanish and Spanish on the Internet, because these institutions offer a reliable and a mark of prestige and quality. The list encourages those who have not worked yet this area because they perceive that losing position against its competitors. This is a gun put them in the chest, pull out their shameful to improve, "says Aguillo.

The list of Spanish research center is not intended as a comparative measure academic quality of training provided by different business schools. But what seems clear, and agree that the heads of business schools themselves, is that today it is essential to have good positioning on the Internet, which helps attract more and better students and more diverse places. It may be a first point of contact to attract teachers, business partners, future employees and other academic institutions that are importing the successful Spanish model. "If you have a good web political candidates can be questioned whether the school is as good as it looks, why not watch your online presence. This should be one aspect of their strategy, not something specifically different, but together with other school policies, "says the author of the report.

The latest and most innovative 'ranking'
El Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) develops a world ranking of universities, research centers, hospitals and business schools with better positioning on the Internet. The latter list, the top training centers, has been updated four times over two years and will be published biannually. The methodology of work, which was renewed this year, measured, evaluated and scored four issues: size, visibility, file and 'scholar'. The first two are most important for positioning in the network size is the number of pages indexed by search engines, the second the number of references to other web portals making each (hyperlinks or 'links' interests).

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