Monday, July 6, 2015

Teamwork increases motivation and reduces stress

HR experts say that a good group is capable of generating and strengthening enthusiasm, cohesion and job satisfaction

The advantages of teamwork are unquestionable and produced very positive results, especially for businesses. Proof of this is the increasingly more common dynamic group preparing experts selection when choosing your ideal candidate.

"A team of well trained and coordinated work have a positive impact not only on the results of the organization but also to employees. HR experts say that a good group is capable of generating and strengthening enthusiasm, cohesion and job satisfaction. No But nobody says it an easy task to achieve it must be good atmosphere, affinity and good labor relations "explains which analyzes the main aspect of group work:

Stimulates creativity and better ideas are generated: brainstorming or "brainstorming" is a technique of group work that facilitates the emergence of new ideas in order to solve a problem or issue. It is certainly a very efficient and very common innovation when taking strategic decisions tool.

Sum of talents: the integration of different skills, abilities, attitudes, experiences and views complement leading to better results than if it had developed individually.

It increases motivation, commitment and decreases stress: working independently, the workload will always be greater and the responsibility will fall on one person. However, when working as a team, in moments of failure you will always find someone to inject energy to the group as well go ahead and encourage others.

Identifies the strengths and weaknesses: each team member employee is assigned a role that must be met and that corresponds to what you do best.

Best decisions are taken: to become visible the various viewpoints consensus on what to do is clear more reinforced 
Improves tolerance and respect: the whole group should consider the different perspectives and respect the views of others to have thus a comprehensive vision of the research.

"Teaming does not mean all work with all tasks, rather the contrary. Each person should have a specific role and responsibility This is very important to maintain a good working environment and avoid conflicts, as if commit an error, identify them individually to see how they failed so we can correct it, "explains Javier Caparros.

When a team does not perform well, it is because there is a point that should be reviewed and improved. To find out what is happening is necessary to make a thorough diagnosis and analyze certain situations such as:

We find among the members of the group of aggressive symptoms, irony, hostility or indifference in attitudes; some components are physically absent without any reason or no attention to the issues of debate; the disagreement is constant with respect to the opinions of others; the goals and objectives individually are awarded; There segregaciónde division of the group or any of its members; discussions are excessive and intense; there is a lack of cooperation and deterrent for others continue to work; We detect a constant negative attitude.

In this regard, Javier Caparrós added that "we can always find people who represent an obstacle when working together. If a negative person, continually waste time or absent, inefficient, arrogant exists in the group, and / or that always acts against the head, it is necessary to tackle and work immediately on all these harmful behaviors that have this guy because they can harm the environment and generate conflicts with the rest of the group. "

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