Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teachers Training in New Technologies

What are the training opportunities for teachers? What solutions could improve their relationship with IT and ICT?

Is it necessary to force a teacher to use ICT (Information and Communication) if he does not master a minimum? Certainly not! At the time, he will not feel comfortable in his job, can not benefit optimally and will not be inclined to answer any questions from students about these technologies. A huge waste of time should also result if any problem arises, knowing that all is never perfect computer and nobody is immune to a false move or an honest mistake. The teacher must be comfortable in his own way of giving way to remain credible to its students. The solution is therefore the training of teachers in these new technologies.
The training courses organized for teachers

Proper training is essential but would quickly become useless if others do not follow training throughout the career of the teacher. New technologies develop and evolve so quickly, it is preferable that the teacher is always "page" of what the world of ICT can offer in the academic world. Just imagine that today a teacher has been trained to use Windows 3.1 ...

In Wallonia (Belgium), for example, there are many training courses organized, but the problem is the same as for initial training: they are still few and too little depth. Moreover, most of them are primarily in the form of a conference rather than practical training. Moreover, they are rarely required. Therefore free to teachers to enroll or not. Namely they are also often held during school holidays, which really does not motivate most of them ...

It is therefore clear that these continuing education, as proposed earlier today are not expected to trigger the trigger envy among the teacher, disrupting its teaching methodologies through new technologies.
Autonomous or external training

The training courses organized specifically not profitable enough, the teacher is currently brought to form itself to these technologies. If it is already accustomed to them, personal interest, he is a winner down the line. However, if this is not the case, it has an interest in training or external, is trying to get used to these technologies by revealing itself ... but of course it takes time and sometimes the money. We're back on the problems of the real motivation of the teacher in learning about these technologies.
Some possible solutions to address this problem with training ...

First, raise public awareness campaigns and seminars to the adoption of new technologies in language learning, showing what he can do and what it can bring to both teachers but also to students. Practical experiences should be proposed to open the eyes of teachers and show them the benefits of ICT are real.

Then, propose (or impose ...) practical training so that teachers become familiar with computers, gain some confidence and test their own capabilities. Such training should be promoted as genuine aid to teaching and not as restrictive and discouraging. This is certainly the solution that has the greatest influence and fastest results.

It would also be interesting to provide teachers with free materials, online help, tutorials, ... ICT and their actual choices: impose, for example, an e-mail address where they could receive educational information and other ( class schedules, certificates, training proposals, reviews, ...). It is obvious that such information is available online only, exclusively, so they are forced to use these techniques and become familiar.
The contribution of virtual communities

Finally, another idea would be to foster virtual communities of teachers to exchange experiences, ideas and projects while using common tools. An example of this kind of community is seen This is a center for sharing educational resources and an online forum for teachers. It is an opportunity just waiting to grow. However, a criticism can be made: anyone can register (or not teaching), which does not necessarily motivate teachers to talk freely about their business ...

If you're interested, you can find additional information concerning the relationships between teachers and new technologies , as well as the role of technology in our schools .

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