Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ten Highest Paying Jobs Without College

In many cases, the career speaks louder than the curriculum itself

In many cases, companies seek specific profiles for areas that do not need to study four years of career to be a professional in that area. Certainly, in many cases, the career speaks louder than the curriculum itself. There are many professionals in the world succeeding without having college. They are experts in their field and is unsurpassed by that they themselves, being self-taught, have been able to be the best. There is a long list of jobs without a college career that does not have to be underpaid, quite the opposite: charge more than they already have many career. The Infojobs site has compiled a list of ten of the best jobs that do not require a university degree.

Ruby On Rails is a programming language in high demand by companies. There are few professionals dedicated to this environment as it is one of the most difficult to learn, but in turn, is the most versatile. This programming language is overlooked in many of the universities. No specific college career to learn Ruby On Rails. It is a language that is learned through experience, reading and interest. In addition, Ruby On Rails developers are the most popular and best paid now, so it's a job to be taken into account.

The border between the web designer and developer Backend. There is no college career to study Front End. It is the limbo between those who are dedicated to creating all the creativity of web pages already engaged to do all that background. These are people who must understand both the design and development, it is therefore very difficult to find these profiles in the market, and therefore are highly paid because of their scarcity.


Leaving aside the digital side, we go with one of those professions forever. The dental technician is in charge of making all the molds, devices and implants need to clean the mouth of patients of dentists. A dentist needs a dental technician because otherwise it could not finish the work. For dental technician need not study at the university, it is only necessary to study a training module. A dental technician can earn around 3,000 euros a month having at least two dentists customers. If you have more, that figure is multiplied.

Following in the health sector, we find those who are responsible for doing the work of radiographs. Many think they are the doctors themselves who are responsible for us radiographs, but the reality is that makes a technician who has studied a training of 1-2 years. Private clinics are often the main customers and also more and more people go to medical checkups, which include x-rays. A radiology technician can earn from 60,000 per year.

To hold events do not need a college degree. In events it is what it takes to be an organized person, and above all, you know leave any situation unscathed. Usually resolute people. The key to the success of the event organizer is in knowing how to create a good customer base. With all this, you will make money if you dedicate to the organization of events.

The guild's hated by his strikes: air traffic controllers. Needless to study aeronautical engineering for air traffic controller. Just need to prepare for the exam gives you the title of driver training course prior 18 months, and overcome the medical and language tests required by civil aviation. The minimum salary of an air traffic controller is 9,000 euros gross per month and can range up to 21,000 euros gross monthly

PRIVATE DETECTIVEAlthough it seems that Sherlock Holmes is coming to see us, the profession of private detective exists and is very well paid. It is a profession that depends largely on customers and word of mouth, but once started your foray into the world, the chances of success are many. No one preset rates at which stick so you can be yourself which mark your fee. A profession in which there are no timetables, but on the other hand is very well paid is one of those jobs without career that arise.

SEO? What is that? If I say that is the way Google ranks websites, things change a bit. Currently, there is no specific college career in which he teaches SEO positioning mechanisms optimize for search engines, but really, is a profession that is still very much in demand as all websites want to be in first position. It's one of those jobs without paying career that require effort and proactivity on the part of these professionals to be good in your area. Read manuals and keep up with updates made by search engines.

There is no need for a specific college career to engaging in the commercial world. Simply having people skills and know how to treat people to persuade them about your product. Commercial largely depend on their commissions to close the month with good numbers on the payroll.

Once you've crossed one on the street. Surveyors are responsible for making an expertise to define the border of the property and using the topography to help collect data from measurements that have been made. To do this, you need to study a year and opposition as practice as surveyor is part of the civil service.

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