Thursday, December 1, 2011

200 business leaders recognized for their contribution to education

Over the past 8 years his work has helped to build a city that commitment to education as the main engine of development.

"Thanks for helping us build a more educated Medellin" was the message from the Secretary of Education, Felipe Andrés Gil, the thanksgiving ceremony held in the Auditorium of the University Founders Eafit.

At the event representatives were present Proantioquia, the private sector, and rectors of public and private universities of Medellin who have joined in the last 2 administrations to this alliance for the benefit of education.

Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad Eafit, the newspaper El Colombiano, Medellin Metro Chamber of Commerce of Medellin, among others, were the companies, organizations and recognized universities.

In this pact for education, are 215 organizations that have taken up the challenge of sponsoring 190 educational institutions in programs such as Quality Schools and Colleges for Equality and Coexistence.

Against this, the Secretary of Education noted that the support of one or more sectors of the city in this model of voluntary cooperation has allowed that to date 100 percent of the programs referred to in line 2 of the Development Plan, which Medellin is known as the most educated, have significant results.

"All you have invested in the city that believes in education from infancy through adulthood. You should be proud, for example, of the 97 thousand children the opportunities they have given the Healthy Start program, "said Andres Felipe Gil Barrera to the honorees.

A work of all

The ceremony was a pretext to reflect human value education as the responsibility of all sectors of society, because among other things, whether the public sector and social malfunctions, the private has no future. 
It is therefore evoked the Spanish philosopher and writer Fernando Savater, who says that for many African cultures child's education depends on every tribe and therefore "the whole tribe of Medellin must be committed to the education of its citizens."

Reflection on David Bojanini consistent, Chairman of the Sura, who believes that education "is the duty of all citizens" and therefore this work of social responsibility in education is a natural extension of the private sector.

What is clear is that this public-private joint should not be done from the handouts, but from the capacity building support to guide citizens towards building a more competitive city. This is the private sector contribution of their strengths and not to replace the state between.

"We created more and better opportunities for quality education and always have a private sector company," the Secretary of Education of Medellin, who extended his appreciation to the public for their belief in education as a long-term bet.

This commitment begins to bear fruit and will become more apparent every day, why Andres Felipe Gil Barrera finally invited the 200 business leaders to feel proud to be part of the new history of Medellín, Colombia's most educated .

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