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Corporate Visual Identity Manual

This manual of identity corporate response to the need to ensure the correct application of the elements of our Corporate Visual Identity School of Dance .

Develops after a program of design review and plan to translate the personality of the school, giving it a picture own distinct visual.

With the proper use of the elements of this manual will be achieved to preserve the visual identity of the institution and increase the level of symbolic remembrance of each of its elements.

Special cases or offer questions, should be consulted directly with the author of the manual. Proper use of the logo on every piece of communication is critical to creating a strong and lasting image.

The Corporate Visual Identity Manual is a reference tool and work for all those responsible for the proper use of the symbols of the School of Dance "Anima".

This manual provides information on global visual identity of the school, so it is suggested to carefully read the entire contents of the manual and follow each of the indications described in the sections of interest .

For full compliance is suggested to include in the website of the School and in various image formats, the logo and its variations of use.

The correct use of symbols in this manual is under the supervision of the Directorate of Services Multimedia .

Corporate Visual Identity Manual

Set of rules governing the use and application of identity in terms of design. Document in which the guidelines are designed image of the institution. Define rules to follow to print the logo in different internal and external support of the School, especially those that are displayed to the public. The manual describes the signs graphics chosen by our university to display your image and all its possible variations in shape, colors , size, etc.. It explains the form, timing and location of use by including graphic examples. The identity manual is therefore a normative document that must guide the actions of the institution in terms of corporate identity. But above all, a reference manual that should come to know the possibilities graphic visual image of the school.


Perception that a particular person or a group are of an institution. Mental image is linked to what it represents.


The set of specific and personal characteristics of an entity, which is visible and create a memorable and differentiate itself from other entities. The term institutional identity, which we understand their nature specific, involves all of an institution that is: their development, their communication, property, etc..


It is the visual element of corporate identity. It is a set of graphic elements, lines, shapes and colors that make pictorial image of the institution is unique and memorable to the public.


The set of logo and name that works for an entity to a group of people to represent. It is part of the visual identity of an institution that combines the graphics and the typography. The functionality of a logo is its ability to communicate the message you want, and to achieve this requires the use of colors and shapes that contribute to its interpretation . A logo becomes a structure organized graphic semiotic approach seeks to convey a meaning.

Corporate typeface

Font type or font that is used to write a legally binding texts related to the institutional image. The normalization of typography is an additional factor in any visual identity program. Looking give unity and harmony in all presentations.


Colors are determined by the institution who will represent them. Spot colors are located within a record of color, such as PANTONE. Usually these are the only colors allowed by the company to be used in any element of promotion , stationery, signage, publications, uniforms, equipment, etc..

Graphical construction


The name Anima created with the intention to transmit the values ​​of: Essence, Soul , Nudity. Concepts that reflect my view, the actual substance of those beings who enjoy teaching this wonderful art that is dance.

Anima is Latin soul , in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung analytics refers to "the image of the eternal feminine archetype in the unconscious of a man , who form a link between awareness of self and the collective unconscious, potentially opening a path to the self. "

The text in Dance Expression dance refers to the new school teaches, this is Dance Therapy and Body Language.


It is an imaginary space surrounding the logo and will protect the image of any visual distraction.

This space should not be invaded by any graphic element: text, photographs, drawings , etc.. The area is defined by the minimum margins set out in the example. The area planned for the space will be X (x = a).


The font selected for the image of the school should not be chosen by similarity of features, but it must match scheduled. The sources recommended for essays and other texts such as titles and subtitles, addresses, names, forms , etc., Chalkdust is the same with variations: regular, bold, italic and bold italic, and Rotis Sans Serif AT and its variants: regular , bold, italic and bold italic.


An essential part of any visual identity is defined by your corporate colors. These are the color codes that are to be automatically associated to the image of the school with continued use. It is therefore essential to be reproduced faithfully, avoiding variations that may contribute to confusion and dispersion of the image of the institution.


The reduction of the logo is limited. Its proportions should not be less than 30 mm wide, according to the rules of construction graph. If you need to use a smaller scale , 20 mm wide, for example, you must delete the text "Expression in Dance."


Following the School's corporate colors are possible combinations for the use of the logo color, black and white, negative, as the background of water and background color.



The envelope chosen for the application of this manual is the standard of 220 X 110 mm, because it is the most used.

The study design was done on taking into account the same criteria in the distribution of space and the location of information on size proportional to respecting: logo, reserve area and typography.


The business card should be printed on a white card mate, not less than 180g. Of 4.5 cm by 8.5 cm. Is recommended to produce the cards in AT Rotis Sans Serif font to establish continuity with the logo.

The card has two printing options. Since these one or two faces.


The invitation size is 100 x 150 mm.

The logo is made by the graphical construction. The title must be in 18 pts., The invitation text in 12 pts., And the address information in 10 pts.


The size is A4. The composition should be centered. The logo consists of a graphical construction as subemisores. The title should be in 40 pts. The text information in 16 pts. The name of the person in 30 pts. The name of the event for which the certificate is 30 pts. The date must be in 16 pts., And firms in 12 pts.


The corporate symbols are used in different media and serve to reinforce the value of identity of the institution. Guidelines need the location and characteristics of the logo on the uniforms of the staff .

The uniform is a standardized set of clothes, used by members of the School, while participating in recreational activities or events work.

The logo must always be the main element.

Its size is adapted to the size of clothing.


The logo on the shirts must be located on the left. If it's on a light background, the logo must be in black or red and black and if the background is dark, the logo must be blank.

In case of coexistence with other logos, they must be located on the sides on the sleeves on a smaller scale.

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