Thursday, December 1, 2011

Route Launch ICT 2011

The Aula Magna of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana opened its doors to teachers and administrators of the city to invite them to the fourth version on Route Teacher Training in use and appropriation of ICT.

The event was preceded by the Secretary of Education, Felipe Gil Barrera, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB), Juan Guillermo Pérez Rojas and the Manager of Medellin Digital, Camilo Vergara Yan Gallo. The invitation to the teachers is to integrate this training route for through the programs offered to improve their teaching practices and combine technological skills to enable them to innovate their teaching strategies - learning. "The important thing with these courses is that little by little change their ways teachers teach and students move safely, "said Juan Guillermo Pérez Rojas, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

More and more changes and new trends in technology, which makes teachers and trainers of the new generations are left surprised and discover the world of devices and tools that promise to be the best allies for training. "There are so many changes in technology, we can no longer speak of ICT, but TICE (Technology Information, Communication and Entertainment) and that commitment must also be in field of education, "said Manager of Medellin Digital, Camilo Vergara Yan Gallo.

Benefit for private institutions

The Ministry of Education through the Teacher's School, in partnership with the UPB and Medellin Digital, want to continue to offer programs to qualify the educational work of teachers and seek to make ICTs a critical component in the various processes of the institutions education. 's why this year opens the door to private institutions for their teachers and administrators can access these training programs and are increasingly making new proposals to strengthen processes between government and private sector. "The most important is that the we do as Secretariat, results in the quality of education in the city and improve learning for our children and youth, "said Felipe Gil, Secretary of Education. This route teachers want to keep adding to this proposed training this year comes to fourth version, and to date has trained over 600 teachers from 6 000 in the city.

Online registration

To enroll in one of the programs can do so at the end of March in this link .

For more information

Those wishing more information on the programs of the Road Teacher Training in ICT, please contact Susana Castañeda School Teacher. Phone: 385 71 40 or email @ Susana.castaneda

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