Thursday, December 1, 2011

International Award Educared

Until next May 2 will take place entries to version 12 of these awards, aimed at teachers and students from around the world. This is an opportunity to work with Information Technology and Communication (ICT), conducted in classrooms not be anonymous and that, contrary to this, is recognized internationally.

How can you participate? Very easy: blogs, wikis, webquests, google docs, speaking images, podcast channels or YouTube, educational uses of social networks, among others. Methods and categories depending on whether or not students have had an active role in the development work, you can compete in the following ways: • Teachers with students: in this mode will accommodate all work involving students actively, either by creating and updating a blog, the development of wikis, doing social networking, among others. • Teachers without students: In this mode open to all work performed by teachers without student participation. For example, if you have a blog that publishes content and activities of common interest to the educational community can participate. • There is also the modality Tools Lab: In this mode faculty may participate with or without a group of students do more advanced work and create their own tools, educational applications or widgets. The categories of participation for these modes are defined by the age of the students as follows: Category I (3 to 5 years), Category II (6 to 8 years), Category III (9 to 11 years), Category IV (12 to 14 years) and Category V (15 to 17). What the jury will evaluate? An international jury will award 3 prizes for each category and modality, which includes a gift for students, teachers and educational institution. For its part, the mode "Teachers with students" will have 3 finalists per category will receive a prize for all this to encourage collaborative work between teachers and students. In addition, the jury may award up to 3 special prizes from among all papers presented in each of the following sections: • Works that seek to facilitate access to ICT and education to children with special educational needs. • Work carried out using mobile technology. • collaborative work between teachers and students different countries. • collaborative work between teachers and students from different centers of the country. The work submitted by participants will be evaluated from a pedagogical sense, therefore you must attach by a mandatory specification that is equivalent to 50 percent of the evaluation the end. The memory can be made virtually through a form installed on the website of the 

International Award Educared . Recommendations Awards Registering is easy and there are several channels created by the award to address the concerns and suggestions from teachers and students . Therefore, pay close attention: • Registration Process to Award: Once admitted to the Prize website, you can initiate enrollment by 2 steps. The first is to register as a teacher participant. You only need to enter your email and receive with this information how. Once registered you can submit their work and begin to develop their pedagogical memory. In order to facilitate the registration process and delivery of work, the prize had before it a tutorial that explains step by step to make these processes. To meet click 

• Social networking and contact: To follow step by step process of the Prize, you can make use of social networks, for both teachers and students in participating can use these tools.  Through Facebook , Educared Colombia ordered an information space. You can visit 

. Following the official account on Twitter @ Premio_Educared Award, you can also get information. Visit this social network profile 

The official Messenger Award is premiointernacional @ and certamen.educared Skype.

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